Jennifer from the Netherlands



Hi there! My name is Jennifer and I am a tattoo artist from the Netherlands! I was always fascinated by the tattoo arts and love to draw and paint. I started tattooing not that long ago, in February 2018 I did my first tattoo on my own leg in my apprenticeship. Because I am an autodidact and a rocket in many things I do, my career in tattooing went quite fast. In the beginning of 2019 I started together with my husband our shop Ink Panthers with a cool team. About my work; I have an eye for details and contrast. I love to do hyper realism black and grey or color but what makes me really happy is more creative realism. Where I can combine more styles with realism and where I have more creative freedom in the whole design. In my free time I am always a busy bee with many hobbies, next to creative stuff I love to be with my animals (I have a horse, dog & cat), sports, gaming and going out. I love to make unique designs, so also in my realism.. I will do my best to make something personal and where people would recognise my own style. What about my artist name ‘Titmouse’? I thought it would be nice to have an other name then just Jennifer.. so I came up with this name, what is in English the name of a bird that I sometimes see in my garden. I thought is also bit a funny name that would stick, because most people would think about tits and mouses ^^. I want to thank WJX to be part of their sponsor team! I really like the cartridges! They are really nice to work with and they take a lot of ink. Thanks for watching!